Perk Up

Have you ever been in a fender bender?

Ever been caught speeding?

If these things have happened to you , do you find that when you are driving on that road again you perk up?

You pay more attention.

Why does it take something bad to happen for us to take it up a notch?

Why is the team able to come back at the end of the game and win? Why didn’t they play hard the whole time?

This all can work well for driving and sports but does not work well for financial planning.

Financial Planning Difference

Age 64, the year before your kids go to college, at the closing of your new home purchase- these are times when it’s too late to “get in the game.”

To reach financial success you have to be on point early, from day one. If not your financial goals will go unaccomplished.

Money doesn’t magically appear overnight. It takes time to accumulate the dollars you need. So, waiting and waiting will push your goals further and further out of reach.

Stop waiting and perk up today.