It’s Going to Be Ok

The worst day is when you go over the analysis of a financial plan and see for the first time that you won’t be able to accomplish your goals in the time frame you would like too.

Buying the house in 3 years

Retiring in 20 years.

The amount of money that has to be saved is just not possible.

I’m here to tell you— It’s going to be ok.


We all wish we started younger and put more money away. I get it. So do I.

But we can’t go back in time. We are here now. And we must look forward.

The power of a financial plan is that it reveals many financial truths. Before running the numbers, we can lie to our friends and family and even to ourself.

“Oh I’m saving”

“I’m going to do X in Y years. Definitely.”

… then we see the numbers.

The results can either make you feel defeated or empowered. I say choose empowered!

Now with the numbers, you know how to adjust your goals, either extend the time or lower the $$ needed. Build a plan and actually accomplish something!

Before it was a pipe dream. Just talk.

Now it’s an action plan.

You have an action plan. You are going to be ok.