For you to experience financial success, that doesn’t mean others have to fail.

Your big brother who tormented you, your worst enemy, your best friend ( who you are secretly jealous of) none of them have to lose for you to win.

Everyone can and needs to reach financial success to achieve their goals. This is an extremely tough task. Because of that I don’t know why money is a taboo conversation topic.

If more people spoke about money and shared ideas, I think there would be more success to pass around.

You chose your career/profession and I chose my mine. So upfront we know which industry pays more or less in salary.

But how we choose to spend our money and live our lives is where financial success comes from. And I think we all should succeed together.

With more conversation and less competition, we can benefit by learning what works. You learn from my experiences and I can learn from yours.

So potentially, we can run rather than crawl to the financial finish line together.

“Try to learn from my own mistakes” should be changed to “learn from other people’s mistakes” which might just lead to LESS MISTAKES.

Less investment mistakes

Less business mistakes

Less personal mistakes.

When There is No Conversation

You look outside and see your neighbor pull up in a new Lexus. And you immediately think how did they get that, I want that and jealousy starts to set in.

But what you don’t know is either;

1) they got a bonus at work or a raise

2) they took on a monthly payment that will raise their credit card balances.

3) they cut something else out of their life to afford the new car

But all you see is they have something new and shiny. And something goes off in your brain.

I want something new.

I need something new.

How can we stop these thoughts?

More Talk

I think, by talking to each other more, we can uncover the thoughts behind big purchases that potentially derail our financial success.

Imagine, if on that shiny new car, your 410k balance had to be printed.

Think there would be a lot less shiny new cars purchased? Of course.

But instead we all buy bigger houses, expensive clothes, etc. Then we go on Facebook or Instagram and snap selfies with the goods- to say “look at me, look at me, I’m successful look what I bought!!!”

One example that would help.

I think a smart conversation with a successful or rather an unsuccessful retiree would change this behavior.

Learning that someone didn’t save enough and now is living on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches would motivate us all to change our behavior.

I have personally had those conversations and have seen success and failure first hand.


Retired teacher who worked side jobs to bump his income up, lived below his means, retired at age 60 and has had enough income and assets to treat his family to vacations and is not worried about running out of money.


Can’t retire couple who spent and spent and spent and didn’t save enough to retire and refuse to change their dramatically lifestyle so at age 72 they are still working.

I am confident that I a conversation between these two 10-20 years ago would have made a difference.

More talk should equal more success.