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  • Just Give Me the Pill

    You wake up, you don’t feel well. Your nose is stuffed and your throat hurts. Maybe you have a headache.  You tough it out because you have a lot to do today and this week. But a couple of days […]Read More »
  • Creating Your Own Credit History

    When credit cards first came into existence, they were something of a novelty. Little did the original issuers realize that they would become such a vital part of daily business and personal life. Just imagine trying to purchase airline tickets […]Read More »
  • 25 Financial Planning Tips

    It’s January 3rd. How are those resolutions holding up?   If your like most people, they are already teetering on the edge.  Before you fall off completely, read these 25 Financial Tidbits to see how you can put yourself in a […]Read More »
  • 2018 – No More Noise

    Happy New Year! 2017 was a wild ride for all of us. Politics were in the news everyday Markets were up. Bitcoin Hollywood harassment North Korea ……And so much more How did this affect your financial plan? Did you change […]Read More »
  • Cash is King, Until It’s Not

    2017 was a rarity, all major markets were up big time. In 2018 we would like to believe more of the same, but on January 11th who really knows. People have been making forecasts and predictions all week long but […]Read More »
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